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We believe the gifts you give are intended to be invested, that we take action to use them for the good of all humanity. We are all called to serve each other with everything we have – to take smart risks, to innovate, and to multiply.

The vision of ACD foundation is Africans both at home and in diaspora free from poverty, violence, and inequality. We do this work because, simply put, we love people.

Together, we do so much more than simply give money away; we invest. The human need and suffering in our communities demand strategic, sustainable, collaborative solutions that bring hope and lasting, positive, change.

Whether it’s talent, time, or treasure, at ACD foundation investments go further. Generosity is multiplied.

Thank you for your donation!

U.S. Donations

Account Name: Action Community Developers

Bank: Navy Federal Credit Union

Account Number: 7133978242

Routing Number: 256074974


Africa Donations

ACD Foundation Account details:

Bank: Fidelity Bank Plc

Account Number: 5600310127

Location: Nigeria, West Africa

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