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We are a small minority led foundation with a team of talented professionals that have a wide range of skills and experiences. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. Our programs are based in the Diaspora (United States, Canada, and Caribbean) and Africa region. ACD Foundation believes that all lives have equal value. We are impatient Afro-Optimists–turning our compassion into action to reduce inequity and inequality.


Food Security & Nutrition

Our goal is to support Diaspora and Africa-led inclusive agriculture transformation to ensure food security. We focus on four strategic goals that help drive agricultural transformation and that ensure this transformation is inclusive: increase agricultural productivity for smallholder family farmers–especially youth and women farmers; increase smallholder farmer household income; increase equitable consumption of a safe, affordable, nutritious diet year-round; and increase women’s & youth empowerment in agriculture.


Survive & Thrive

Our goal is to strengthen the health care system, especially at the community and primary health level–and expedite the development of our organic African healing herbs, diagnostic tools, and innovative technology devices to advance Africa’s health system. Our health programs are geared to improve the delivery of health products & services and promote health systems innovations so Africans can significantly reduce maternal and infant mortality, improve disease control, and advance health equity.

Renewable Energy

Electricity & Infrastructure

Our goal to provide renewable energy and supply electricity and infrastructure using emerging technology that has transformative applications for health, education, and food security in Africa with subject matter experts from the Diaspora serving as a lifeline.


Inspire & Innovate

Our goal is to significantly increase the number of Africans, and low-income students who earn a diploma, enroll in post-secondary intuitions or trade schools, and are on track in their first year to obtain a certificate or credential with labor market value. In addition, we will sponsor interns and fellows to serve and get credit working at our ACD foundation.

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